Monday, 3 December 2007

Monday"s Match Reports- Pompey Everton

The Times (in which Phil Neville gives support to Harry)
The Guardian (..and this article is almost identical to the Times')
The Telegraph (lousy piece of journalism by someone who thinks journalists are much more important than they are -reading this made me grumpy)
The Mirror (more about Sol talking about the future of the club)
The Independent. (Made Mendes MotM - an opinion that I have not seen or heard anywhere else - and the Independent always loads really slowly)

Could not find a match report in the Mail- but there was this article about Sol's take on the club's future.

This is from a Nigerian newspaper - apparently there was a meeting after the Pompey- Everton game between some of the players and the Nigerian FA about Nigeria's plans for the ANC.

This is a couple of days old - and it does not say anything really new -but it's about Pompey and it's from the FT and I've never linked to them before.

Like this- an "On This Day" blog about football - and according to the blog today is the day that Harry returned to Pompey from up the road.

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