Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Blackburn, D'Alessandro and the dumb abuse of a Southampton fan

Blackburn Match Previews

This might be out of date by now- and I'm sure it's a syndicated article from elsewhere- but it's speculating on Pompey's team tonight
...and here's a preview from Scottish Fitba.

From a Lancashire Paper (and obviously from a Blackburn perspective)
From A Blackburn website and is hopefully a bit optimistic.
...and this is also from a Blackburn point of view. I did not know that Blackburn were playing Liverpool and Man. Utd in their next two games after tonight. Hopefully tonight we will knock the stuffing out them and they will struggle to get back to the form they have shown in their last couple of games.

Other Stuff

Someone else is miffed at our recruitment policy. The whole deal looks messy-if indeed it is true.
Here Andy O' Brien says that he has no regrets about leaving Pompey. Which is far enough because neither do I.
LuaLua seems to be quite happy having moved on. Despite what he did for us in one game in particular I never had that much time for him.
This is a long article about Harry- from the Telegraph.
Here is a really daft- and quite funny Myspace video of a Southampton fan being abused.

Finally- a short essay.

During the 2002/3 season (I think) I found myself watching the Copa Liberdatores (South America's Champion League) on the telly. It was a brilliant competition that year- the final being fought out between Boca Juniors (featuring Tevez) and Santos (featuring Robiniho) with Boca winning.
On the way to the final I saw one of the most entertaining and daft games of football I had ever seen-it was America de Cali (from Colombia) against River Plate in the quarter final - I think 5 or 6 players were sent off -as was one of the managers but the thing I remembered most about the game was towards the end of the match. There was loads of space all over the pitch- because so many players had been sent off and a young River Plate player-one Andres D'Alessandro picked up the ball in the left back position and ran the length of the pitch and as he tore down the pitch the Columbian fans hurled down a barrage of rocks, flares, stones, coins and mobile phones at the young player. I'm a big fan of a tricky winger-(I know that he really likes playing in the number 10 position) but watching him run the length of the pitch under a hail of debris from the terrace was about as brave a thing I've seen on a football pitch. I'd never have believed he would ever play for Pompey and was delighted when he did and pretty depressed when he left.
...and now there are vague rumours about him coming back.
This YouTube Video does not really give full justice to how bonkers the match was and does not show the moment that I remember with D'Ale

But this video does do him justice:

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

No Rotation for Blackburn, A good blog piece from the Times - all padded out with old news.

Right- time to look forward so here's an upbeat post from the News about Harry's plans for Blackburn. (the story also appears in the News links in the right hand column- but I wanted to post it here because I wanted to start with something that had nothing to do with last week's news much of which was a bit depressing)

Here's a good piece on Saturday's game from the Time's fan's blog thing. He's right to point out that it not unreasonable to say that we have dropped 7 points this season- against Derby, Chelsea, Liverpool and West Ham and I'm worried that those dropped points are going to be what hinders our campaign to get into Europe next April.

Here is an Mp3 of Harry's post match press conference from last Saturday's game. (Might not work in all browsers)

Here is a rumour
..and this is someone from a lower league club having a moan

I guess most people know this but just in case- here is the Guardian reporting Harry getting his new contract- and here is the Times' take on it.

Likewise -this story-about Songo'o going on loan to Palace is old news- but I'll post it anyway

I've posted this article about Saturday's game from the Mirror in which Carlton Cole talks about the moral support his granny gives him. I suppose if that's what drives him on (rather than the fact that he is reasonably talented and is paid a very decent salary) then fair enough, but I couldn't imagine a player coming out with this stuff twenty years ago.

..and also on that subject of the good old days- The Telegraph has given a little plug to a new magazine called Backpass- which is dedicated to football in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. It has this little snippet about Harry's first game as a manager

"Many fans might believe that English football is racing down a super highway.

But like all sports supporters, they still enjoy little detours down Amnesia Lane, which is why one welcomes the launch of a new magazine called Backpass, dedicated to football in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.

The first issue carries a feature called "First Games in Charge", focusing on Harry Redknapp's managerial debut as caretaker boss of Bournemouth on Dec 18, 1982, for a game at Lincoln in the old Third Division.

As Lincoln were top at the time, a 2-0 half-time deficit on an icy pitch did not seem too bad to Redknapp, but Lincoln scored seven more after the break, giving the Cherries their record defeat. Redknapp, who recorded his 1,000th game as a manager earlier this year, says: "I thought about jacking it in after that match. The pitch was frozen solid and our players didn't have the right studs. When two of them fell over running up the tunnel I knew it wasn't going to be our day."

All in all I thought last week was pretty depressing-what with the Stadium plans being changed and the flat performance against WHU. Still things are looking up with Harry's new contract and hopefully we'll get a good performance against Blackburn.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Pompey- West Ham Match Reports

The Times
The Sun

...and this from the Mail is not a match report-it's just daft

Friday, 26 October 2007

West Ham Previews, and Stadiums.

One story dominates all the others today-so I'll pretty much ignore talking about the new stadium (though you can read what I think here -or you can just scroll down to the next post)

Here are some West Ham Previews:

They have a lot of injury problems
Here is Setanta Sport's preview-not that interesting-(though I didn't know Sean Davis was suspended) - but they are showing it.
I probably can't watch it though because I've just found out that my in-laws are coming for dinner.

-Bollocks- it really is turning into one of those days.

..anyway more previews
I like these Vital football preview things
Here's another one-. I don't know if it is that Westwood bloke that they are interviewing- but as they are using his photo I suppose it might be.
This is a barking mad thread about Saturday's game from a WHU chatroom- the first part is libelous and probably not true (and anyway I thought Harry was a Spuds fan as a kid) and then it just gets weird as some bloke writes an odd song - set to a trad arr. tune- and then the libels continue to come thick and fast.

And here is some other stuff:

A good piece by Scottish Fitba on Benjy.
Yesterday's news-pretty sad stuff about Toddy -I hope he bounces back.
Finally-what with all this talk of stadiums-I quite like what this blog has to say on the subject- I've been to Derby and Fulham this season and I know which ground I preferred.

Finally here is the link if you want to look at my other -non-Pompey blogs

Portsmouth Revise New Stadium Plans and I'm a Bit Disappointed.

I'm pretty disappointed about the plans for the new stadium at the Hard falling through. I guess I can be a bit of a sentimental sod at times but whenever I travel back to Pompey and I see the Hard and that part of the harbour I feel the same way as some Geordies might feel about the Tyne bridges- or a Scouser might feel about- well, anything to do with Liverpool really.

Until a couple of years ago I lived on Holloway Road in North London and I watched Arsenal build the Emirates Stadium and I was so impressed by how the club just trampled over everyone's reservations - about traffic and crowd numbers and the impracticabilty of the proposal- they just sorted those problems out on the way to building the stadium. Now, when I travel from where I live in East Anglia to London, I pass the Emirates and I love the way it towers above the streets of Finsbury Park and Holloway- the stadium is still so much part of where Arsenal are from (sort of..) -and it does it on a scale that shows the ambitions of the club.

And that's what I thought about the Hard proposal- by having on the waterfront, and by using those architects it just shouted out to anyone that would see it that this was a big club which this city takes very seriously.

For the first game of this season I travelled up to Derby and I thought their stadium was a grim old place- tucked away amongst industrial estates- away from the city centre as if the city didn't care too much about their football club. I get the impression that the same is true of Middlesborough's and Sunderland's ground. So I'm a bit depressed that the new proposal seems to be more in the line of what Middlesborough, Sunderland and Derby achieved. I don't like that Peter Storrie said something about how the land fill will keep the ground hidden from the people that live in Port Solent. I don't want it to be hidden away- I want it it be a huge landmark-a place that makes me feel a bit tingly when I see it. Why can't they build it on the seafront in Southsea- a proud landmark-built by seasiders-towering over the English Channel.

However- I guess people travelling in on the continental ferries will see it on the new proposed site- and I think it'll look good from Hardway in Gosport- where I grew up. Finally, returning to my original point about me being a soppy sod- the other view of Pompey (and Gosport) that always gets me is the view from the top of Portsdown Hill and I guess from that vantage the stadium will still look great.

PS. If any more people from any other clubs laugh at our plans having to be changed- we should just remove the roof from the Milton End- that'll learn 'em.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Harry to Spurs or England and Sean Davis-comedy genius

Here's Harry's Column in the Sun- He's having a go at Berbatov

The Harry to Spurs rumour continues- this from the Telegraph.

This is a debate, hosted by Tony Cascarino about whether Harry should be England manager- from the Times.

Old story from yesterday -but Harry says he is going to recall Pedro Mendes against WHU

All of my other blog's updates today can be found here. (...though other than this page they don't have much to do with Pompey but I like them)

I'm glad Pedro Mendes is back in the team- but I've also grown to be a big fan of Sean Davis and this is one of my favourite moments

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

James and Pompey's goals

I could only find one thing worth posting and that's David James' Observer Blog

..and because that's all I could find I'll post this video that someone kindly made of all of Pompey's goals this season- up to the Fulham game.
(About 8000 people have watched it so it's not that exciting- and the music is really really terrible in my opinion- but I liked it)

Monday, 22 October 2007

Pompey Wigan Match Reports and Harry for England

Monday's match reports from Saturday's game

The Times
The Guardian
The Telegraph
The Mirror
The Sun
The Independent
The Mail

This from the Times is exactly what I think about Harry Redknapp and why he should be in the frame for the England job- but of course I care much more about Pompey than I do England-so I don't want him to get the job.
This is also from the Times from the fanzone blog thingy.
This is about Johnson and England and is from Sky Sports so is probably syndicated everywhere.
I've seen this in a couple of places- apparently we are the 24th best team in the world.
Derby still want Nugent- according to a Derby fan (if I was a Derby fan I'd want Nugent)

scroll down for yesterdays reports, the goals and Harry's comments on Sky.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Pompey v Wigan

..with a bit of a strange commentary- not because it is women-just because it's odd

Some Match Reports Portsmouth 2- Wigan 0

The Guardian
The Telegraph
The Independent
The Sun
Sunday Mirror
The Mail

Saturday, 20 October 2007

P.A. Report on Pompey-Wigan match

clipped from
Picture Glen Johnson runs at the
Wigan defence.

Wigan 0 Portsmouth 2

By Mark Staniforth, PA Sport

Click here for full match stats

Harry Redknapp's Portsmouth secured their fourth successive win at the JJB
Stadium but it was as far from another 11-goal thriller as any Barclays Premier
League match is ever likely to get.

Benjani Mwaruwari and Glen Johnson fired home in the last 10 minutes of a forgettable encounter as Wigan boss Chris Hutchings saw his side stretch their goalless streak beyond five hours.

Redknapp will not mind for a moment that his side's 7-4 epic against Reading
last month was consigned to distant memory by a match in which his side
simply had to show dogged determination to claim the points.

But for Hutchings it could soon be time to press the panic button after a dismal
display which showed just how far the Latics have fallen since the dizzy early
season days when they found themselves top of the league.

Things had looked promising for two minutes. Michael Brown flung a long
free-kick into the box which was knocked across goal by Andreas Granqvist and Scharner shaved the woodwork with a diving header.

But it was not hard to see why Wigan had such a poor recent record in front of
goal with Portsmouth looking the liveliest in the final third, Benjani denied a
clear chance after being flagged marginally offside.

Pompey's record in the goalscoring department might have been distinctly
better than the Latics' but it became increasingly hard to see quite how they had scored seven against Reading as the minutes trudged by.

Niko Kranjcar's long-range effort flashed well wide for Pompey and a flick
header in the box from Wigan's Antoine Sibierski also sailed the wrong side
of the post as both sets of strikers struggled to assert themselves.

In an all too brief interlude of Wigan pressure, Marcus Bent - their most recent
scorer against Reading last month - burst down the right flank in the 39th
minute but his shot from a tight angle found the side netting.

Nigerian Julius Aghahowa provided some brief entertainment after replacing
Sibierski in the 51st minute. Before even touching the ball he had clattered Sol Campbell and earned a yellow card from referee Peter Walton.

Then two minutes later when he did get his first touch he was flattened by it - Kranjcar's free-kick clattering into the Wigan striker who needed a number of
minutes to rediscover his poise.

Pompey pressed through Kranjcar, who played in Benjani for a shot which
deflected high over the bar, before Campbell came close to connecting with the Croatian's resulting corner in front of goal.

Then Sulley Muntari blazed a long-range free-kick inches wide as Pompey
continued to speckle a dismal encounter with the best chances and look most
likely to break the stalemate.

That moment duly arrived nine minutes from time when Benjani converted the simplest of chances to grab his seventh goal of the season as he poked
home a perfect Muntari cross.

Aghahowa tried his best to make a belated good impression when he cut into
the right side of the visitors' box only to be hustled off his shot by Sylvain Distin
in the Pompey defence.

But Johnson wrapped up victory when he was allowed to roam unchallenged
across the Latics penalty box before drilling a low shot past Chris Kirkland into
the corner of the net.

Latest Football Stories
Scunthorpe v Leicester
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Harry on Pompey v. Wigan

Here's Harry's view

Friday, 19 October 2007

Sol, Rumours, 40 coaches and Wigan

I've been aware of the story about the amount of coaches that are going to Wigan tomorrow because it it seems to be the main topic of conversation on Rivals- but I have not really taken it in - but in this round up of Pompey news in the Mail they mention it- and I suddenly realised how full on bloody astonishing that is. 40 coaches for a league match at Wigan at this stage of the season is just extraordinary.
(I'm not going -I'll be listening on Quay via the internet in my tiny house on the edge of the Fens)
The article also has rumours about Defoe, Marlon King and Crouch coming to us.
This story has been cropping everywhere about Harry's concerns over Sol having to play for England. I don't know where it appeared originally.
This is not an article- it's a list of all the people that currently work for Pompey-and I like lists. I think it's up to date.
This is the BBC's preview of Saturday's game.
Here is a preview of Saturday's game from a Wigan Paper (obviously it's from a Wigan perspective)- and here is another one.

This has nothing to do with Pompey-but it's a YouTube video-probably made by an Everton fan who is happy to point out how bad Gerrard played against Estonia.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Harry on Sol, James on Toilets and Hiddink on England.

Here's Harry in the Sun on Sol and yesterday's game
I've never seen this website before- but this bloke has jinxed us by saying we could be top 4 at Xmas.
This is from yesterday's Telegraph-about Sol. Seems strange reading it after the game-but I thought Sol had a good game.
I think this is an old story but it's about David James and toilets and I think it's odd.

Because it's thin pickings I'm going to link to one of my other blogs where you can find a round up of match reports from the England Russia game- which I did just to let off steam.

So everything winds down while we take a break from all things Pompey just so can MacClaren bollox things up. Hopefully it'll be normal service tomorrow on the posting front and another good away win on Saturday.

(Don't forget that there are more RSS Pompey news feeds in the right hand column)

Monday, 15 October 2007

Sol, Kanu, Nuge and some Old Stuff

Because it's the international break there has not been too much Pompey news the last couple of days. People may have already seen these but there's a couple of things from the News- about Sol and about Kanu which are from the weekend. (Most of the Pompey stories from the News, and a couple of other sources, can be found in the right hand column).
Likewise, this story- about the new training complex -comes from Pompey News, a website that runs Pompey stories. It can also be found in the right hand column. Just as an aside - years ago I worked for Fareham Borough Council cutting the grass around where the new training complex is going to be. Not a very interesting fact, in fact it's a rather dull fact- but it's a fact all the same and I like to trade in them.
This is a rumour about Nugent going to Reading.
This is just odd- it's from an African Paper and it's not really about Pompey-though it mentions the Chimes. It's about what a ex-pat Fulham fan sings when he goes to watch football games in Uganda.
Because it's been a bit quiet- I'm going to post this old article about Utaka- from the Times last month. I don't think I posted it before- and I think it's pretty interesting.
I'm really padding things out now. This article is from the Observer in 2003 just before our first season in the Premiership. It's by Ed Vulliamy and it's about as Guardian-esque as you can get. He talks about the city and the fans in the same way as a C19th missionary would talk about Africa- but you get the impression that the writers get a bit of a thrill talking about football and hooligans and violent young men and so on. And that's because they are silly Dull Heads.

That all.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Sol, Transfers and Jimmy Dickinson.

This is from the Times- about Sol's call up to the England squad
This is from the Mail- about Sol's call up to the England squad.
The story about us being interested in a lower league player is listed in the feeds over on the right. But I'm posting this version from the Echo (so named because if you want people in that city to understand something you have to say it twice). The comments at the bottom of the article are kind of funnyish.
This is not a bulletin board- but here's a bulletin board type of post about the Xmas fixtures.
Things have not been going too well for Begovic down at Bournemouth.
You can win 4 tickets for Pompey-Blackburn here.
Should have posted this yesterday. A BBC journo on Sol's return.
Here's a blog by an American whose happy to take the moral high ground in response to Harry's comments about the XBox culture. ( You can find a link to Harry's article in yesterday's blog.)
I think I'm right that Jimmy Dickinson was the last Pompey player to start a competitive match for England. I love this picture -it could almost be the cover of a Smiths single.

Bit shameless this- but click on this picture and you'll go to another blog of mine - showing video clips of the 5 players I wish I'd seen play live (including Jimmy Dickinson)

Friday, 12 October 2007

ScottishFitba - is angry (correctly in my opinion) about the cost of tickets for the Carling Cup game against Blackburn
Hughes is facing a ban- he never seemed a violent player to me.
This is from the News- about James not getting a start against Estonia. (All the latest stories from the News are listed in the right hand column- but this one does not seem to be there). Even a mate of mine- who is a Spurs fan - and who refuses to accept that we might be better than Spurs this season, agrees that Robinson is terrible at the moment and that James should play.
Should have posted this earlier- It's David James' Guardian blog and it's great.
Here's David Lacey- the Guardian Columnist talking about the Reading game. (Sorry it's a bit old). Lacey always struck me as a bit of a dour writer- I remember him once chastising Beckham for not doing much in a game that England won 2-0. He was right in that, other than scoring one goal and setting up the other, Beckham did have a quiet game. He's fairly typical of the Guardian - a paper that has honed it's critical instincts to the point where they often miss the point. (ok - mini-essay over)
This is Clan Pompey's hompage

Click on the picture to go to one of my other blogs and see a video of why Harry is the best English manager there is.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Lauren, African Player, Fulham and more.

No update for a while because I've been a bit busy-
I try to avoid printing links to the stories that you see everywhere else in this blog but I guess some will slip through. What I have done is put 3 RSS feeds onto the page (one from the News) which constantly update the main Pompey news. You can find them in the right hand column.

Here's a transfer rumour about Lauren that I've not seen anywhere else.
You can find this story by Harry everywhere- but this is the original article in the Sun.
This is three days old, from the Mail, and is about Pompey's African players.
This is a review of Sunday's match by the bloke who writes for the Scottish Fitba website. I like his stuff.
This is a post from a Sunderland chatroom- about what they think about Harry. I only included it because between all the usual cliches about him being a used car sales man/spiv/etc. someone says he's got a face like a melted welly. Which made me laugh.
This is a few days old-and I may have posted it before but it's a NOTW columnist full of praise for Harry. I agree entirely with what he says- though I did not know that Harry changed his name. I wonder why?
This is a really nice blog by a Fulham fan. Got his view on Sunday's game.
...and this is what I thought- about the same game at one of my many other blogs.

As most people know- Chuck Culpepper's book "Up Pompey" has made the long list for the William Hill Sports book of the year. I would want it to win but Mark Collings who wrote "A Very British Coop (about pigeon racing!) is a good mate of mine and he mentions me in the dedication. So that's where my loyalties are.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Fulham Pompey Reports

Match Reports (and seeing as I was at the game I am going to mark the report out of ten)
The Times- 3/10 - Poor report. I didn't like the way he dismisses Benjy's goal as being a result of a defensive error followed by a deflection. I saw it as being a result of a incisive pass from Davis with Benjy using his pace and strength to move away from the Fulham defender - which was then followed by a slight deflection.
The Sun. 6/10. Better than the Times if only because he mentions the work Fulham did in the first half which led to James have to make a few decent saves. I did think that the ratings given to our defenders were too low.
The Mirror. 8/10. Good report. He's right about how good James was - my only slight criticism is that he should have also made more of just how good our defence were-(and also how Fulham did make them work- especially in the first half)
The Mail. 6/10. Decent enough report-with a nice photo of Benjy.
The Guardian. 1/10. Not really a match report- more an article about Lawrie Sanchez which mentions in passing a few things that happened in the game. (Not like the Guardian to totally miss the point )
The Telegraph. 4/10. Disappointed with this as the Telegraph's reports are usually best-but a bit like the Guardian they have decided to use the report to reflect on Sanchez's future. Did show a nice turn of phrase though- I particularly liked "filleted by a resurgent Portsmouth".
The Independent. 5/10. Pretty average really

Friday, 5 October 2007

Fulham previews, Pericard, The Who and Manu Chao.

I have not included much from VitalFootball for a while - here they round up some rumours from the last couple of days.
Odd blog this by a Fulham fan- who reckons that Diop is going to score and then shows a Youtube video of The Who doing "Baba O'Riley". Not sure why - but I enjoyed it anyway.
Another Blog- by a bloke who seems to quite like himself -giving a preview of Sunday's match. I'd like his blog more if he included random videos of rock gods.
Here's a preview of Sunday's game- which got me all excited because I'm going.
This is from the News- by the man who still styles himself on DeBarge. He always cheers me up when I see him on the telly.
Here's a rumour from yesterday's Mail- which then turns into a piece about Linvoy's beliefs.
This man is worrying about whether we should expanding Fratton Park. He makes some good points- but seeing as we are struggling to sell out at the moment I'm not sure there is any need to expand.
I missed this story about Pompey old boy Vincent Pericard-now at Stoke - from Juventus to a jail in Exeter is a pretty grim journey (as is Juventus to Stoke I suppose)

This has nothing to do with Pompey but in the spirit of the Fulham fan who posted the Who video -I'm going to post this video of Manu Chao- because I'm going to see him tonight at Brixton:

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Courtney Pitt, Gregory worse than Rix, More Reading

This is a couple of days old it's the Times' match report on the Reading game - but I quite like it- just for Coppell's comments about second season syndrome.
The Daily Star manages to string about 5 sentences together. I've only included it because there may be a disguised dig at Nugent in what Harry says. (maybe)
Here's a rumour about Tony A which I'm sure has been posted elsewhere - but I hadn't seen it.
Here's a short blog about whether Rix was worse than Gregory when he was in charge. One of the most depressing game of football I think I ever saw was Palace v. Pompey on a cold March evening in 2002 at Selhurst Park. (Here's a report from a Palace point of view). It was right at the end of Rix's tenure and at the time I just thought we were a club going nowhere. Playing for us that night was Courtney Pitt who now plays for Cambridge Utd.- my local team who I sometimes watch. I think he's found his level in the Conference ( really shouldn't re-brand crap) - but watching him play now and thinking about that Palace game and it's hard to think of another club, other than Pompey, that has come so far so quickly. (Reading maybe- but we've just stuffed them).
This is out of date -but I'm sure if you want Harry to give you an after dinner speech these are the people that'll sort you out.
This is also a couple of days old- it's the Mirror's view of Saturday's game- I think he has a little dig at MOTD which I liked.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Sol, Kanu, Radio Stations and more Reading

This is the best photo I've found from Saturday's game

Sol thinks we are going to do better than we did last season- from the Mirror.
This is Harry on Kanu's contract.
Here's a blog by a Pompey fan- I really like the photo at the top. He's giving his take on the Reading match.
And this blog is a Reading fan's view of the game. (He was doing some gardening at the time)
This transfer rumour is from yesterday - Jarosik is claiming we are interested in him.
I've written this before but I get most of these stories from Google alerts- and one thing I noticed yesterday is that the Pompey Reading match was being written about in local papers and on local sites that have not much to do with either club. Most of them were not particularly interesting but this Welsh one had some fairly interesting stats (maybe?)
Here's Reading's Stephen Hunt on the game- brilliantly he says he can't remember much.
I'm not sure that this is new news about Pompey buying into all the local radio stations but it was released yesterday. We are taking over the world.

I like this picture as well- click on it and you can read the News of the World's match report- which I didn't include on Sunday-but wish I had because it uses the word bamboozled which is a great word anyway-but sounds really great if it is said by a French women, (as does higgledy piggledy- go and a find a French women and test it out)