Saturday, 2 February 2008

That was a long break from blogging

...I guess there may have been one or two people that found this blog useful, and I guess I quite like doing it - but I've been busy for most of the last couple of months - hence no updates.

But maybe that isn't the whole story - if you want to do something then you can always finds the time and the way. I noticed that I stopped the regular updates about the time Harry was arrested, which was something that I thought stank whichever way you look at it.

And here are some other things that I have found irritating over the last couple of months:

The falling through of the proposed training facilities at Titchfield.
The selling of Matt T (there are not many who did so much to keep us in the Premiership)
The rumours of Gaydamak selling the club.
The stupidity of the timing of the ACN.
The woeful performances against poor teams. (Drew against the top 4 - lost against Sunderland; Middlesborough used to do that and I hated them for it)
The ridiculous goings on with Harry and Newcastle.
This nonsense with Benjani and Man. City

Of course not all these things can be blamed on Pompey - and maybe some of the decisions were for the best - but it did all too combine to grind my noodle and probably contributed to my stopping this blog for a while.

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