Monday, 26 November 2007

Birmingham Pompey Match Reports (Monday's Papers)

None of these are really match reports - they are mostly talking about Harry and The England job:

The Times. (As much an article about Harry for England than a match report, oh and it opens with a naff 'arrys a cockney gag)
The Guardian. (Also an article about Harry's take on England and not really much of a match report)
The Telegraph. (Again not really a match report- just speculation)
The Independent. (This is mainly speculation about Birmingham)
The Sun. (Harry and England again - also it says that Nico has a shot like a scud missile and I thought scud missiles -a generic term - were notoriously not accurate)
The Mirror. (says little about the match but does call Harry an East End geezer)
The Mail. (Same as the rest really)

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