Monday, 5 November 2007

Newcastle 1 Pompey 4 Match Reports and a pretty lady in a bikini.

Monday's Match Reports

The Times
The Guardian (as much an essay about Allardyce's future as a match report)
The Telegraph.
...and this, also from the Telegraph is Harry defending Allardyce.
The Independent.
The Mail
The Sun. (I think that this is a different report from yesterday.)
The Mirror really do say that Newcastle were crap.

On the whole- with the exception of the Observer/Guardian yesterday- the emphasis in most of the match reports was on how bad Newcastle were which I think really is only half the story.

This is a report from Setanta- it has quite good match stats. I like the fact that Setanta began in the back of an Irish Pub in London.

And this review is from a rather good Newcastle Blog. I've been running my blog for a couple of months now and regularly look at other football blogs and so far it seems to me that Fulham, Liverpool and Arsenal fans blog the most- but this is a highly subjective assessment.

This blog has the blogger's take on Harry R. as well as two other Premiership managers. For some inexplicable reason he heads his piece with a picture of a pretty lady in a bikini. Barmy- but distracting.
The People has a rumour about us and Nelson Cuevas. (I bet the people that run The People regret the name of their paper when it comes to search engines)
This story about the ANC appeared everywhere yesterday-but I'll post this version because it's on a site called Soccer Fairy.
This story about Matty has been around for a couple of days. I really don't want him to leave - but it's starting to look inevitable.

Scroll down for yesterday's reports, The Goals and Harry's post match interviews.

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