Thursday, 1 November 2007

Newcastle Previews and 2018 World Cup

Feeling a bit low today- and I'm never sure whether to post match reports when we've been rubbish:
So moving on

Here's a preview of the Newcastle game- from their point of view- it's slightly out of date as it was written before yesterdays disaster.
Here's another one from a Sunderland newspaper- has a bit to say about Benj (who I reckon will start on the bench)
And this one is from NUFC's official website.
And this one is from a fan's site and it shows the match reports from the last four times we went there- it makes better reading if you are a Geordie

Here is a piece from the Times about England's bid for the World Cup which mentions the possibility of Pompey's involvement.

I mentioned this yesterday- but we have been accused of tapping up a player- from the Sun.

Here's another review of the Up Pompey Book- from the Telegraph. The reviewer quite likes it.

...and I'll post one match report from last night-so that hopefully I can read it in a few months time and recognise it as the low spot that it will hopefully end up being.

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