Thursday, 8 November 2007

Jimmy Dickinson, Man City and Pink Floyd.

Didn't know this but today is the 25th anniversary of the death of Jimmy Dickinson- and this site quite rightly pays tribute.

The first match previews always come from bookies- and they can be worth reading- so this one - for Sunday's game points out that Man City don't win away at teams in the top half the table- but we tend to do badly after we win away.- (So that'll be a draw then.)
I think this preview is a bookie's site as well- and the bulk of the article is probably taken from somewhere else.
This is a preview from the Times- but still seems to be written by a bookie.

..and this is a sort of preview from Setanta. (Setanta has it's origins in the Irish Pubs of North London- the very pubs that I will be mostly drinking in this coming Saturday- I am probably the only man on earth that gets excited about a trip to the Holloway Road)

This is another interesting piece by the Scottish Fitba bloke. This is praising Distin.

This story was everywhere yesterday- about Traore not paying his council tax. I posted this version just because it was in the Mail-and I thought that with the ingredients - "Daily Mail", "Tax" and "Foreigners" I would be able to come up with a killer joke- but I can't.
So you'll just have to make up your own.

...and anyway this is the funniest thing I've ever seen that mentions the council tax.

Don't know if counts as a rumour- but Harry likes a young Palace player.

Here is another post match assessment of last week's game by NUFC fans and again they are full of praise for Pompey. I've said it before but since I've started this blog I've been really impressed with how Liverpool, Man Utd and now NUFC fans are prepared to acknowledge good football when they see it.

This has very little to do with Pompey but today on Rivals there was a spontaneous Pink Floyd fest. (I love it when things like that happen). I like early Floyd with Syd Barrett more than the post Syd Stuff (...and you may be interested to know that he shopped in my local Sainsburys - but then again you might not.). This is about my favourite song of their's and I recently found out that they played it on Top of the Pops the night before I was born and then they travelled down to play in Portsmouth the day I was born.

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