Sunday, 4 November 2007

Newcastle Portsmouth Match Reports

This is the best match report about Pompey I think I've ever read (and I'm surprised because it's from the usually indifferent Observer/Guardian.) The man has got it right- POMPEY thrashed Newcastle at their place-the whole of the Pompey Team were MotM and the story today is all about us and how good we were. For sure defensive errors played their part- but not as much as the power and pace and precision of our attack. Benjy's goal was fantastic- he muscled their player off the ball, kept his balance and then curled it past their goalkeeper with his left foot. If that had been Henry a couple of years ago all the pundits would have been a-cooing and and-aaahhing. So hats of to the Guardian/Observer for getting it right.

..and a hearty boo to the Times because their review is all about Newcastle and their weaknesses and the work Allardyce has to do. I've read it twice and I'm pretty sure it does not even mention Harry Redknapp.

..and hey guess what- the Telegraph pretty much does the same.

... and the Independent somehow manage to mention Arsenal, Sunderland, Man Utd, Roy Keane as well as Newcastle and Allardyce before they mention Pompey (..who, by the way, were the team that won the match and moved to 4th in the Premiership)

The Mail are slightly more balanced.
..and so are the Sun- and they have a great slide-show

There was only one winner yesterday...

..and that's today's story.

(If you missed it you can scroll down to see the goals and Harry's post match interview on Sky)

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