Monday, 12 November 2007

Half Man Half Biscuit and Garth Crook's Team Of The Week

...I was not at the game yesterday - but I listened to it on the radio and I've read the match reports and it sounded to me like that the two Man City centre backs had a fantastic game- so perhaps one of them should have been in Crook's selection.
However football is full of differences in opinion and I'm happy to listen to other people's views - even Garth Crook's
...but a fact is a fact and because Distin plays for Pompey - not Man City as is shown here and because Crooks has got it wrong in public I am going to take this opportunity to quote my favourite song lyrics ever.

"There is surely nothing worse than washing sieves
There is surely nothing worse than washing sieves
With the possible exception
of Being Garth Crooks
There is surely nothing worse than washing sieves."

(Half Man Half Biscuit- Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes)

Because this is my blog and I can do what I like I am now going to post a Half Man Half Biscuit video even though it does not have anything to do with Pompey.
(Unfortunately there is not a huge amount of decent HMHB stuff on youtube- and this video is just some bloke's take on one of their songs and has nothing to do with the band.
But it's a good song and unlike most of the other HMHB stuff on youtube it was not filmed on a camera phone)


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