Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Round up of the last couple of days.

I have not posted anything for a couple of days apart from the match reports so I thought I'd round up some stories from the last couple of days - sorry if you've seen them before.

Harry thinks Glen Johnson should be in The England Squad. (Times)
Nugent is Homesick (The Mail)
This is Harry talking about the Africans in his squad - I'm not sure if this a reworking of comment's Harry made a couple of weeks ago- but I don't think it is.
Warnock was not happy with Songo'o (Mail) and he may be coming back to Pompey.
Kanu and Utaka are not playing for Nigeria friendly match. (Sky)
An article about the England Croatia match from the Times which mentions the Pompey players that could be involved and in which Harry makes a little joke.
This is from last week- it's Jamie Redknapp in the Mail on his father.
This is a Times blog - by a Man City fan- following Sunday's game and which mentions Harry and trots out almost every cliche there is about the man.
This is the e-mail interview thing in the Independent with Linvoy. (If that had been a tabloid then the headline would be "I'd Invite Hitler to Dinner)
I enjoyed reading this - I love it when fans turn on their own club. (or this club at least)

This is the website for the Australian Supporters Club.
This is the website for the Portsmouth FC USA Supporters Club.

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