Monday, 26 November 2007

Harry and England

.. been a lot of stuff on the subject of England and Harry since last Wednesday. Unfortunately I lost my Internet connection (thanks to B bloody T) for a couple a days so I have not really posted anything about the subject.

Anyway these people are all making a case for Harry (some are a few days old.)

The Sun ,(or at least their Chief Sports Writer), is in Harry's corner.
As is Sol C., again in the Sun.
And so does Joe Lovejoy in the Times.
In fact they argue Harry's case twice. This one from the Sunday Times.
And Paul Jewell also argues Harry's case.
And so does Avram Grant.
And so does Harry.
And so does Krancjar.
And there are websites like this one (which argues that he would be a good choice but then calls him twitching lazy eyed Harry - which I thought was quite rude).

But Tony A. does not, out of respect for Pompey. Football's a funny thing - I used to think Adams was a chump - but now I think he is a staunch, 4-square footballing colossus. And a gent to boot.

If anyone has been on Mars here are some links from last week which sort of trace how Harry started to be taken seriously as a contender.

This is from Vitalfootball and it's from last week - before England lost to Croatia - and I'm just posting it because Harry proved to be right about Carson being in goal. (unfortunately)
Then after the defeat this story appears everywhere with Harry not ruling himself out of the frame.
But then Peter Storrie said Pompey would reject any approach anyway.
And Harry himself raises the point that sometimes things off the pitch undermine the decent work done by previous England Managers. I guess he's worried about aspects of his reputation but in my opinion if the reason why the FA don't choose him is because of a perceived dodgy reputation then they should all be thrashed in the market square for being spineless no-marks.

I think Harry really wants it and I get the impression that he is campaigning for it, asking players and managers and journos who think he's the right man to make sure they argue his case. In my view he's the best man for the job - and with him as manager I might start to give a toss about England again. But I really really really don't want him to leave Pompey - he's irreplaceable and I cannot see how anyone can think otherwise.

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