Friday, 30 November 2007

Matty Taylor is thinking about his future...

I've been a bit lacksidasical with my blogging this week so I'll post a bunch of stuff that I've missed this week - but if I've time I'll do another post with tomorrow's match previews.

Here is Matt T's blog and he hints that he wants to leave - also what he says about Harry puts both of them in a good light in my view.

This article is probably very very libellous but sort of worth reading - it's about how everyone in the whole world is corrupt.

This is David James' Blog from the Observer - the story has been repeated everywhere over the week

Handy Pompey blog this with some really nice photos

An oldish story about Benjy rejecting Juve - I've only posted it because of the headline (Premierships Top Scorer Rejects Juventus). Glad he's staying and guess what - he's only gone and got himself a new contract on the back of the story. Who'dathunkit.

Here's an opinion piece from Scottish Fitba (which was written before the arrest)

Article about Songo'o 's loan at Palace not working out. (Also mentions Shaun Derry - I thought he was older than 29- don't know why)

This blog has the story that Harry is interested in Crouch - which is hardly a new story but I liked the fact that this blogger also had a blog dedicated to the Miss Universe competition.

A blog- very nicely illustrated - by an ex-pat who is very excited about coming back to Pompey where he will be going to see the Everton game. (...great timing because it is set up to be one hell of a match - yeah I know - it'll be 0-0). I've included it in my postings
- a) because I liked the blog and
-b) it had a picture of the Tricorn.

I'm not sure what this is for- but I quite liked it - it's a match report from a Pompey Newcastle match in 1952 - but I think it was written last week. Most odd . (Eurosport somtimes shows old matches with a modern commentary tagged on - which was weird- hearing the commentator and pundit discussing whether Cruyff or Beckenbauer would come out on top in the 74 World Cup Final - when you know that they already know the answer.)

This is the vaguest of vague rumours about a Ghanaian player.

And this is connecting us to Leroy Lita

Here's some sort of marketing thing that Pompey are launching. (I don't know - sometimes I find myself thinking that they are only really interested in the fan's money).

This blogger who has nothing to do with Portsmouth says exactly what I think about the arrest.

Up Pompey did not win the William Hill Sports Book of the Year. It was won by Duncan Hamilton's "Provided You Don't Kiss Me" which is about Brian Clough and which I'm reading at the moment and just in case anyone reading this cares what I think about stuff I'll review it on my Mild and Bitter Blog when I've finished it. From what I've read so far it's really excellent.

This a games blog responding to the notion that computer games are the cause of the decline of English football. It's a nice piece and takes Harry's comments on the subject seriously.

This is Cacapa - the Newcastle defender who had a nightmare against Pompey a couple of weeks ago. He says it was not his fault- it's just that his legs were not working properly (hamstring problem)

This blog, from a student in Myanmar, has come up with a list of recommendations to other clubs and managers made by Sir Alex Ferguson and how they have panned out - (the Pompey connection comes in the recommendation of Yakubu to Harry by Sir Alex). Despite the occasional odd turn of phrase (though of course his English is way better than my Burmese) I thought this piece was worth reading.

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