Monday, 8 October 2007

Fulham Pompey Reports

Match Reports (and seeing as I was at the game I am going to mark the report out of ten)
The Times- 3/10 - Poor report. I didn't like the way he dismisses Benjy's goal as being a result of a defensive error followed by a deflection. I saw it as being a result of a incisive pass from Davis with Benjy using his pace and strength to move away from the Fulham defender - which was then followed by a slight deflection.
The Sun. 6/10. Better than the Times if only because he mentions the work Fulham did in the first half which led to James have to make a few decent saves. I did think that the ratings given to our defenders were too low.
The Mirror. 8/10. Good report. He's right about how good James was - my only slight criticism is that he should have also made more of just how good our defence were-(and also how Fulham did make them work- especially in the first half)
The Mail. 6/10. Decent enough report-with a nice photo of Benjy.
The Guardian. 1/10. Not really a match report- more an article about Lawrie Sanchez which mentions in passing a few things that happened in the game. (Not like the Guardian to totally miss the point )
The Telegraph. 4/10. Disappointed with this as the Telegraph's reports are usually best-but a bit like the Guardian they have decided to use the report to reflect on Sanchez's future. Did show a nice turn of phrase though- I particularly liked "filleted by a resurgent Portsmouth".
The Independent. 5/10. Pretty average really

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