Friday, 19 October 2007

Sol, Rumours, 40 coaches and Wigan

I've been aware of the story about the amount of coaches that are going to Wigan tomorrow because it it seems to be the main topic of conversation on Rivals- but I have not really taken it in - but in this round up of Pompey news in the Mail they mention it- and I suddenly realised how full on bloody astonishing that is. 40 coaches for a league match at Wigan at this stage of the season is just extraordinary.
(I'm not going -I'll be listening on Quay via the internet in my tiny house on the edge of the Fens)
The article also has rumours about Defoe, Marlon King and Crouch coming to us.
This story has been cropping everywhere about Harry's concerns over Sol having to play for England. I don't know where it appeared originally.
This is not an article- it's a list of all the people that currently work for Pompey-and I like lists. I think it's up to date.
This is the BBC's preview of Saturday's game.
Here is a preview of Saturday's game from a Wigan Paper (obviously it's from a Wigan perspective)- and here is another one.

This has nothing to do with Pompey-but it's a YouTube video-probably made by an Everton fan who is happy to point out how bad Gerrard played against Estonia.

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