Monday, 22 October 2007

Pompey Wigan Match Reports and Harry for England

Monday's match reports from Saturday's game

The Times
The Guardian
The Telegraph
The Mirror
The Sun
The Independent
The Mail

This from the Times is exactly what I think about Harry Redknapp and why he should be in the frame for the England job- but of course I care much more about Pompey than I do England-so I don't want him to get the job.
This is also from the Times from the fanzone blog thingy.
This is about Johnson and England and is from Sky Sports so is probably syndicated everywhere.
I've seen this in a couple of places- apparently we are the 24th best team in the world.
Derby still want Nugent- according to a Derby fan (if I was a Derby fan I'd want Nugent)

scroll down for yesterdays reports, the goals and Harry's comments on Sky.

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