Friday, 5 October 2007

Fulham previews, Pericard, The Who and Manu Chao.

I have not included much from VitalFootball for a while - here they round up some rumours from the last couple of days.
Odd blog this by a Fulham fan- who reckons that Diop is going to score and then shows a Youtube video of The Who doing "Baba O'Riley". Not sure why - but I enjoyed it anyway.
Another Blog- by a bloke who seems to quite like himself -giving a preview of Sunday's match. I'd like his blog more if he included random videos of rock gods.
Here's a preview of Sunday's game- which got me all excited because I'm going.
This is from the News- by the man who still styles himself on DeBarge. He always cheers me up when I see him on the telly.
Here's a rumour from yesterday's Mail- which then turns into a piece about Linvoy's beliefs.
This man is worrying about whether we should expanding Fratton Park. He makes some good points- but seeing as we are struggling to sell out at the moment I'm not sure there is any need to expand.
I missed this story about Pompey old boy Vincent Pericard-now at Stoke - from Juventus to a jail in Exeter is a pretty grim journey (as is Juventus to Stoke I suppose)

This has nothing to do with Pompey but in the spirit of the Fulham fan who posted the Who video -I'm going to post this video of Manu Chao- because I'm going to see him tonight at Brixton:

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