Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Courtney Pitt, Gregory worse than Rix, More Reading

This is a couple of days old it's the Times' match report on the Reading game - but I quite like it- just for Coppell's comments about second season syndrome.
The Daily Star manages to string about 5 sentences together. I've only included it because there may be a disguised dig at Nugent in what Harry says. (maybe)
Here's a rumour about Tony A which I'm sure has been posted elsewhere - but I hadn't seen it.
Here's a short blog about whether Rix was worse than Gregory when he was in charge. One of the most depressing game of football I think I ever saw was Palace v. Pompey on a cold March evening in 2002 at Selhurst Park. (Here's a report from a Palace point of view). It was right at the end of Rix's tenure and at the time I just thought we were a club going nowhere. Playing for us that night was Courtney Pitt who now plays for Cambridge Utd.- my local team who I sometimes watch. I think he's found his level in the Conference ( really shouldn't re-brand crap) - but watching him play now and thinking about that Palace game and it's hard to think of another club, other than Pompey, that has come so far so quickly. (Reading maybe- but we've just stuffed them).
This is out of date -but I'm sure if you want Harry to give you an after dinner speech these are the people that'll sort you out.
This is also a couple of days old- it's the Mirror's view of Saturday's game- I think he has a little dig at MOTD which I liked.

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