Thursday, 11 October 2007

Lauren, African Player, Fulham and more.

No update for a while because I've been a bit busy-
I try to avoid printing links to the stories that you see everywhere else in this blog but I guess some will slip through. What I have done is put 3 RSS feeds onto the page (one from the News) which constantly update the main Pompey news. You can find them in the right hand column.

Here's a transfer rumour about Lauren that I've not seen anywhere else.
You can find this story by Harry everywhere- but this is the original article in the Sun.
This is three days old, from the Mail, and is about Pompey's African players.
This is a review of Sunday's match by the bloke who writes for the Scottish Fitba website. I like his stuff.
This is a post from a Sunderland chatroom- about what they think about Harry. I only included it because between all the usual cliches about him being a used car sales man/spiv/etc. someone says he's got a face like a melted welly. Which made me laugh.
This is a few days old-and I may have posted it before but it's a NOTW columnist full of praise for Harry. I agree entirely with what he says- though I did not know that Harry changed his name. I wonder why?
This is a really nice blog by a Fulham fan. Got his view on Sunday's game.
...and this is what I thought- about the same game at one of my many other blogs.

As most people know- Chuck Culpepper's book "Up Pompey" has made the long list for the William Hill Sports book of the year. I would want it to win but Mark Collings who wrote "A Very British Coop (about pigeon racing!) is a good mate of mine and he mentions me in the dedication. So that's where my loyalties are.

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