Friday, 26 October 2007

West Ham Previews, and Stadiums.

One story dominates all the others today-so I'll pretty much ignore talking about the new stadium (though you can read what I think here -or you can just scroll down to the next post)

Here are some West Ham Previews:

They have a lot of injury problems
Here is Setanta Sport's preview-not that interesting-(though I didn't know Sean Davis was suspended) - but they are showing it.
I probably can't watch it though because I've just found out that my in-laws are coming for dinner.

-Bollocks- it really is turning into one of those days.

..anyway more previews
I like these Vital football preview things
Here's another one-. I don't know if it is that Westwood bloke that they are interviewing- but as they are using his photo I suppose it might be.
This is a barking mad thread about Saturday's game from a WHU chatroom- the first part is libelous and probably not true (and anyway I thought Harry was a Spuds fan as a kid) and then it just gets weird as some bloke writes an odd song - set to a trad arr. tune- and then the libels continue to come thick and fast.

And here is some other stuff:

A good piece by Scottish Fitba on Benjy.
Yesterday's news-pretty sad stuff about Toddy -I hope he bounces back.
Finally-what with all this talk of stadiums-I quite like what this blog has to say on the subject- I've been to Derby and Fulham this season and I know which ground I preferred.

Finally here is the link if you want to look at my other -non-Pompey blogs

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