Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Sol, Kanu, Radio Stations and more Reading

This is the best photo I've found from Saturday's game

Sol thinks we are going to do better than we did last season- from the Mirror.
This is Harry on Kanu's contract.
Here's a blog by a Pompey fan- I really like the photo at the top. He's giving his take on the Reading match.
And this blog is a Reading fan's view of the game. (He was doing some gardening at the time)
This transfer rumour is from yesterday - Jarosik is claiming we are interested in him.
I've written this before but I get most of these stories from Google alerts- and one thing I noticed yesterday is that the Pompey Reading match was being written about in local papers and on local sites that have not much to do with either club. Most of them were not particularly interesting but this Welsh one had some fairly interesting stats (maybe?)
Here's Reading's Stephen Hunt on the game- brilliantly he says he can't remember much.
I'm not sure that this is new news about Pompey buying into all the local radio stations but it was released yesterday. We are taking over the world.

I like this picture as well- click on it and you can read the News of the World's match report- which I didn't include on Sunday-but wish I had because it uses the word bamboozled which is a great word anyway-but sounds really great if it is said by a French women, (as does higgledy piggledy- go and a find a French women and test it out)

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