Friday, 12 October 2007

ScottishFitba - is angry (correctly in my opinion) about the cost of tickets for the Carling Cup game against Blackburn
Hughes is facing a ban- he never seemed a violent player to me.
This is from the News- about James not getting a start against Estonia. (All the latest stories from the News are listed in the right hand column- but this one does not seem to be there). Even a mate of mine- who is a Spurs fan - and who refuses to accept that we might be better than Spurs this season, agrees that Robinson is terrible at the moment and that James should play.
Should have posted this earlier- It's David James' Guardian blog and it's great.
Here's David Lacey- the Guardian Columnist talking about the Reading game. (Sorry it's a bit old). Lacey always struck me as a bit of a dour writer- I remember him once chastising Beckham for not doing much in a game that England won 2-0. He was right in that, other than scoring one goal and setting up the other, Beckham did have a quiet game. He's fairly typical of the Guardian - a paper that has honed it's critical instincts to the point where they often miss the point. (ok - mini-essay over)
This is Clan Pompey's hompage

Click on the picture to go to one of my other blogs and see a video of why Harry is the best English manager there is.

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