Thursday, 18 October 2007

Harry on Sol, James on Toilets and Hiddink on England.

Here's Harry in the Sun on Sol and yesterday's game
I've never seen this website before- but this bloke has jinxed us by saying we could be top 4 at Xmas.
This is from yesterday's Telegraph-about Sol. Seems strange reading it after the game-but I thought Sol had a good game.
I think this is an old story but it's about David James and toilets and I think it's odd.

Because it's thin pickings I'm going to link to one of my other blogs where you can find a round up of match reports from the England Russia game- which I did just to let off steam.

So everything winds down while we take a break from all things Pompey just so can MacClaren bollox things up. Hopefully it'll be normal service tomorrow on the posting front and another good away win on Saturday.

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