Monday, 15 October 2007

Sol, Kanu, Nuge and some Old Stuff

Because it's the international break there has not been too much Pompey news the last couple of days. People may have already seen these but there's a couple of things from the News- about Sol and about Kanu which are from the weekend. (Most of the Pompey stories from the News, and a couple of other sources, can be found in the right hand column).
Likewise, this story- about the new training complex -comes from Pompey News, a website that runs Pompey stories. It can also be found in the right hand column. Just as an aside - years ago I worked for Fareham Borough Council cutting the grass around where the new training complex is going to be. Not a very interesting fact, in fact it's a rather dull fact- but it's a fact all the same and I like to trade in them.
This is a rumour about Nugent going to Reading.
This is just odd- it's from an African Paper and it's not really about Pompey-though it mentions the Chimes. It's about what a ex-pat Fulham fan sings when he goes to watch football games in Uganda.
Because it's been a bit quiet- I'm going to post this old article about Utaka- from the Times last month. I don't think I posted it before- and I think it's pretty interesting.
I'm really padding things out now. This article is from the Observer in 2003 just before our first season in the Premiership. It's by Ed Vulliamy and it's about as Guardian-esque as you can get. He talks about the city and the fans in the same way as a C19th missionary would talk about Africa- but you get the impression that the writers get a bit of a thrill talking about football and hooligans and violent young men and so on. And that's because they are silly Dull Heads.

That all.

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