Thursday, 27 September 2007

Bit Of A Mixed Bag Today

Here is a view of Pompey's physical strength from a Reading coach.
Here is Harry issuing a warning to Muntari about his discipline- from the Mail.
Here is an Arsenal fan's view of Harry's view of Arsenal (if you see what I mean) which he gave in the Sun.
Here is an article about Shaka H. from a paper in Trinidad and Tobago.
This is from the Blackpool Gazette- it's about Harry's hopes For David Nugent- and is a match report from Tuesday's game.
This is Harry's view of the season so far- from the Independent

If you scroll down to yesterday you can find a link to that report that said that Fratton Park has the third best atmosphere. The poll prompted loads of articles- most which just repeat what the poll said- but the writer of this blog gets very angry in what I thought was a cracking, though bizarre, rant. It's a poll- a measure of what people think and it does not strike me as odd that most British football fans might be more familiar with Fratton Park or St James Park than with the intensity of the Genoa derby. What he should do is copy the poll and then go out to some high street somewhere and ask the same questions and then he can shout at anyone who fails to mention Borussia Dortmund at home or a Greek Derby. It is a cracking blog though.

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