Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Mainly Burnley Pompey Reports

A few match reports from last nights game.
The Times report is here.
The Telegraph report is here
The Sun are mixing their metaphors here (with match ratings)
The Mail report is here- with a great photo of Mendes
The Express is here
The News has Cotterill's view here , Nugent talks about handball here Harry's view here and a match report
I think this is a syndicated article- I'm not sure where it is originally from but I think it's the one that crops up on ESPN and some other Murdoch sites. It has Harry's view of Nugent
This is from Vitalfootball
..and the official site has three articles on the match in their news section

And here are a couple of other things.
This is a preview of last night's match- from a Burnley fans' site- I just thought it was pretty good-they've made a real effort.
Here's a rumour about Mendes going to Villa from Vital Football.
And I've got another blog which is about other football stuff I find -and like-and some of it is about Pompey.

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