Sunday, 23 September 2007

Some Pompey Blackburn Match Reports

Great Day-Great Day...I think that is a huge result for us- and I'm celebrating by listening to the Broken Family Band really loud*
Anyway who cares what I'm up are some of the first match reports I've found (a lot of these are syndicated so I'll try to avoid posting the same one twice.)
Here is one with an old photo of Kanu-that's lazy journalism that is.
This one from ESPN-It's the same one as Sky and the Times is running, but this one has a great photo of Kanu running through the Blackburn Defence. It has also added some comments from Harry.
This one is by the BBC - and guess what - we got the result because they were tired- (and Liverpool were resting players, and Man Utd. are lacking a natural goal scorer etc. etc.)
Here is the Mail saying the same thing- (though, to be honest, in the whole scheme of things I have a whole bunch of other reasons to dislike the Mail)
Here's a short one from The Telegraph- but it has a quote from Harry. (You have to scroll down for it).
This one is from VitalFootball
And this is from the official site.
..and to finish here's an article in Today's Independent about Harry.

Unfortunately I tried to listen to the Quay's coverage-via the official site-but it wasn't working-(and that is something I pay for so they really ought to sort it out). Luckily someone called "pompeytic" pointed out on rivals that BBC Radio Lancs were broadcasting it on line -so he is my hero for the day. As a bonus-it was really decent coverage-their focus was on Blackburn-but they were full of praise for Pompey- and from what I heard we deserved our victory-with Diop, Muntari and Davies being dominant. The pundit had some great lines "Davies is playing with a cigar in his mouth" and he described Tugay as "the Mercurial Turk". I hope they are covering the Burnley Game.

*I go to a stupid amount of gigs for a middle aged man- probably seen about 50 0r 60 bands this year- and the Broken Family Band are certainly on my shortlist for gig of the year- if you don't know them listen to "You're Like A Women" from the L.P. "Balls".

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