Thursday, 20 September 2007

Quiet news day-so here's some pictures of footballers wives.

This is where the real footballing news is...
A short web piece about where Linvoy will fit in.
Harry is moaning about the international break- apparently he was fuming- which is not as bad as being in a rage I suppose.
This is a web opinion piece about Mendes' role at the club.
Here is a very short piece , originally from the Times I think, about Distin wanting to get into the French squad.

Not much else today- most of the news today is going to be about what's going on Chelsea - my view is that it's bad news if you've any time for Chelsea and it's good news if you like entertaining football. I have not included any stories about Avram Grant taking over there- despite the Pompey connection-because it'll be all over the news and I really don't care too much.
Instead here's a blog with lots of pictures of footballer's wives- including Christian Karembeu's who apparently scouts for Pompey.

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