Sunday, 16 September 2007

Portsmouth 0 - Liverpool 0. What the Sunday papers (and the bloggers) say.

As any Pompey fan knows- whatever the result and however well we play against Liverpool most papers and pundits only ever really want to talk about Liverpool. So as usual there are quite a few match reports which bang on about Benitez's rotation policy and Liverpool players having just come back from international duty.
So here is the Sunday Times' view from the Kop:
The Sun is slightly more balanced:
The Guardian/Observer seem keen to point out that Liverpool struggled to carve out chances before mentioning that Pompey made the better chances-well Farringdon types-maybe it was because they played slightly better football on the day:
The Mail claim that Reina made an exceptional save- but then later write that it was an easy save. Nice photos though:
The Independent:
The Liverpool Echo is much better in it's assessment of the game- pointing out that Pompey had the better chances. (Why can't the News' coverage be as good as this)
I also liked this blog- from Malaysia I think-which also acknowledges that Pompey might be a good team:
..and perhaps there is a pattern developing because this blog-which is a pretty decent, and funny, round up of all the weekend's Premiership games also seems happy to give credit where it is due.
However-for me the best match report came from the Telegraph's Patrick Barclay who seems to understand that his readers are not all Liverpool fans and as such is as happy to write about what this result means to Pompey-as well as what it means to Liverpool.

For what it's worth- even though it wasn't a really great game I thought that Pompey shaded it. Liverpool's team selection did make it easier for us- but Pompey's job was to beat whatever team Benetiz decides upon - (which he probably did in one of the few breaks he takes from his endless whinging- and I thought Harry R was bad for getting his excuses in early and often). I thought Papa Diop had a good debut and the defence were pretty solid- Hreidarrsson and Johnson seem more settled than they perhaps have been in some recent games. I do wish that Matty Taylor had been on the pitch- perhaps having him on the bench affected the outcome of this game more than Torres and Gerrard being on the bench - he would have probably scored the penalty and we may have taken the three points.

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