Sunday, 30 September 2007

Did We Play Well?

Turning to the papers to try and get a decent overview of yesterday's game and this is what I found.
The Guardian/Observer- go in with the freakish result angle- and claims the first half was sleepy- which was not the impression that I got listening to The Quay
The Times also said that the first half lacked incident- so maybe the Quay were getting carried away.
But, and this is for the third week running, The Telegraph write about the match that I thought I was listening to- acknowledging that Pompey annihilated Reading in the first half.
The Mail also acknowledge Pompey's attacking flair with the line
"dreaming of Europe again after a spectacular attacking display from their men of Africa."
(... liked that)
- and this view then balanced out the perfectly fair observations about the poor defensive displays and the odd result. (It doesn't seem right calling the Mail balanced)
The Express is perfunctory in their assessment.
The Sun has a great slide-show- picture 10 being my favourite.
The Independent think that the first half was pedestrian- and this from a journalist who says that this could have been a rugby score- funny one that- shame it was a line that I heard used in about a dozen places.

....but this man (familiar to anyone who regularly uses Rivals) says exactly what I want to hear- and has put me in a much much better mood.

Well I guess there has to be questions about our defensive performance-but any team that scores 7 goals must be getting something right. Harry's rebuilt the midfield that kept us up 2 seasons ago and took to us the brink of a UEFA spot last season and I got the impression from what I heard on the radio that yesterday , as far as attacking goes, it clicked into place and Reading just could not cope. So I watched MOTD last night hoping for some analysis-and all I got was the cynical Lawrenson dismissing the game as a freak result. If anyone hasn't seen the goals MOTD's coverage can be seen here. It does not include his dismissive comments.

Most of the stuff I found here is from the national media- so you can get it all from NewsNow- but hopefully there will more stuff from blogs and so on later in the day, stuff like the video the Reading fan filmed yesterday in the Milton End- which I posted yesterday and which made me laugh a lot.

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