Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Fratton Park. Third Best Atmosphere In Drivers Jonas Poll

Property consultants Drivers Jonas ran a poll in which Fratton Park was voted as having the third best atmosphere at a football ground- better than Barcelona's and Newcastle's. Not that I go to Fratton Park that often- but I don't think the atmosphere is as good as it use to be - though it's still a lot better than most places. I do however think that at the few away games I've been to it's the Pompey Fans that create the atmosphere-(White Hart Lane last season being the exception).
Sometimes though it's impossible to create an atmosphere, even with a few thousand people singing Blue Army the Emirates was still like a church.
You can read the whole report by following the link at the bottom of their page. Funnily enough Fratton Park does not rate too highly in the list of stadiums with best bars, best food and best transport.

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