Tuesday, 18 September 2007

PompeyRodney, Linvoy, Zombies, New Scout and MySpace.

Fairly quiet on the news front. The News ran this poll about Matty Taylor. For what it's worth-I think he should be first choice as left midfield-with the exception of the game against Arsenal- we have always played better as a team when he's on the pitch. Don't know why that it is- maybe it's something to do with balance- (though I'm never sure exactly what pundits mean when they say that), and , of course, he scores a lot of goals.
You have to scroll down to the Pompey section in this Times round up of Premiership news. Peter Storrie's remit at the FA has been expanded-and he is a comedian to boot.
This story is about the appointment of a new scout by Paul Hart. Seems like he is experienced and decent - but to be honest that is not the most satisfying thing about reading the story.
Yesterday the Express ran with the story that Harry is interested in bringing Crouch back-but I guess most of you already know that.
VitalFootball have a couple of stories. This- based on an article from the official site is about Linvoy's ambition to get back in the squad., and this opinion piece is about whether Harry should try to get Crouch back. I think he should just so he can sell him for a third time.
There isn't much need for me to give any more links to reports from the Liverpool game but I'm going to do one more- partly because it's a pretty fair description of the game and partly because it's written by someone who likes horror films-"particularly ones with Zombies in"- Good man methinks for being so precise about his passion.
Because it's quiet on the news front here's a link to Sulley Muntari's MySpace page, and here's Matty Taylor's, ( I think they are both for real) and here's Kanu's- which is about the charity work he does. ( Be warned-it plays music as soon as it opens)

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