Friday, 21 September 2007

Blackburn Previews, Grant and a Book

Article about Matty T. and a preview of Sunday's game.
This is someone's personal view about Avram Grant and Pompey.
Scottish fitba- reflect on Harry's job security.
The Sun-claim that Jamie Redknapp is being lined up to help Grant at Chelsea- it's a bit tentative I suppose-but what with him being Harry's son it's another part of Pompey's involvement in the whole Chelsea drama/nonsense. (and Avram Grant looks like a cab driver)
This is an article from a Zambian blog about Collin's Mbesuma- a character whose slight role in Pompey's history I always found rather odd.
This is not really about Pompey at all-it's a blog about Chelsea-but he is doing what I am trying to do - and he is doing a lot better I suppose, ( and that is almost the only nice thing I will ever say about anything to do with Chelsea).
More importantly here is Harry talking about the Blackburn game.
Less importantly here is Harry talking about some other club.
Here's another preview of the Blackburn game, and here is Krancjcar's view of the upcoming game- both from the same- rather good -site.
And from the same site here's a poll on what formation Pompey should play.
This is a podcast of an interview with Chuck Culpepper who wrote this book about Pompey. (Follow the links for the interview). I have not read the book-but I will, and I have not listened to all of the interview-but I will.

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