Monday, 17 September 2007

More Predictable Monday Morning Match Reports. Pompey 0- Liverpool 0

Daily Mail same as yesterday-Liverpool dropping 2 points is their theme.
This from the Irish Independent is the most irritating - Hands up all those at Fratton Park who bought their tickets because they wanted to see Liverpool's stars play.
The Guardian think that the story is all about Liverpool as well.
The Independent has both managers moaning away. Surely their job is to manage and not make excuses.
I've included this story from an Asian Paper because its focus is on Pompey and MotM Diop. I thought his performance was the best thing to come out of the match.
A Liverpool Fan Site is happy to point out how impressive Pompey's defence was.

...and because I'm now bored with the mostly predictable match reports - here's some Pompey videos that I like- and which you may have seen before.

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