Monday, 24 September 2007

More Pompey-Blackburn Reports.

As I said yesterday-I've just noticed that a lot of these reports are syndicated so sorry if I post the same one twice.
The Telegraph- is full of praise for Davis. 'Twas a good report again I thought.
The Scottish Daily Record sees the game slightly differently-(I think that is a syndicated report)
The Guardian also rates Davis' performance.
The Sun makes Distin Man of the Match- they also have my favourite photo of the match.
The Mirror don't really single out short-'ouse Davis and instead put our success down to having "six footers galore". Bit of an odd report- maybe the journalist is a bit short or something.
The Times has match ratings- I thought this one made good reading.
The Independent praises Campbell-by calling him "Northern Rock"-which is a rubbish metaphor.
The Express has this story about Kanu's contract.
...scroll down to find the reports that I posted yesterday.

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